PHOTO | Sharon Stone appeared with the deepest cleavage yet: She still looks like a goddess

Photo: Balkis Press/ABACA / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

Sharon Stone knows how to be the center of attention! She is a woman who rarely makes fashion mistakes on the red carpet, and even when she does appear in the extreme eccentric combinations which would make everyone else look ridiculous, she shines! Her charisma and sex appeal have never been stronger.

She walked a few days ago the red carpet at the Jada Film Festival, attracting attention with a very unusual but daring creation.

Photo: AMMAR ABD RABBO / AFP / Profimedia

The Oscar winner chose a gown with the signature of the Lebanese-Italian designer Tony Ward, and comes in a very attractive and effective magenta color, i.e. an intense violet-pink shade.

The dress is made of satin and is completely oversized, with voluminous bell-shaped sleeves, yet does not diminish the sexiness of the famous Sharon Stone. While the cut itself isn't seductive or particularly flattering, this edition undoubtedly leaves a strong impact, and the actress really knew how to carry it off in a very beautiful way.

Photo: Balkis Press/ABACA / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

However, one sexy detail adorned this edition, and that is especially the deep neckline, as well as the shiny, black bra, which is actually an integral part of the dress, and was intentionally left to "come out" into view.

Sharon ages like wine – she gets more beautiful with age!

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