PHOTO | "Family trip": Sergej Trifunovic in the company of his 23 years younger fiancee and his father

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The Serbian actor Sergej Trifunovic he recently got engaged to his girlfriend who is 23 years his junior Isidora Mijanovic on her birthday.

Sergey and young Isidora are inseparable, and the actor has now published a photo on his Instagram profile that has delighted all his followers.

Namely, Sergey went on a family trip, and in the picture he published, we see his father, Isidora and their dog.

Photo: Instagram / whistler_dick

"Family trip," Sergey wrote briefly.

Responding to a comment from one of his followers, he hinted that he would be getting married soon.

Photo: Instagram / whistler_dick

By the way, Isidora spoke to the media for the first time about her relationship with the famous actor.

"The agreement is not to advertise to the media. He asked for it, but of course I will always respect him. What can I tell you? I am overjoyed. We are both very happy. I like it very much. We enjoy it," Isidora told "Hype".

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