PHOTO | A photo of Misho Kovach from the hospital appeared: Our dear, hold on!

Misho Kovach / Photo: Instagram/Misho Kovach

The legendary singer Misho Kovacs (82) ended up in the hospital in Split a few days ago. His daughter Ivana Kovač immediately spoke up and told the media that the singer was hospitalized due to a high temperature.

Now, a photo of Michaud has surfaced on social media. Split civil engineer Berislav Borovina shared a photo of the singer directly from the hospital on his Facebook profile, which, as reported the local media, was sent to him by his brother-in-law, a doctor in Firula.

Photo: Printscreen / Facebook

"Dalmatia, St. Duje, Marjan, Hajduk, ... continue the series. Some will say Oliver, others Michaud, and I say both, each in his own way. My brother-in-law, Dr. Mladen Frankic, an otolaryngologist at KB Firule, pleasantly surprised me with a joint picture with the legend of Croatian music, Miso Kovac. Our dear Michaud, hold on. There are many of us who grew up together with your songs and who, like me, send you sincere wishes for a speedy recovery," Borovina wrote in the description of the photo.

Otherwise, the legend of Croatian entertainment music and his wife Lydia have been living in Podstrana for more than two years. Kovac faces Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and that's why life by the sea suits him. On Monday evening, his wife called the Emergency Medical Service, which transferred him to the Clinical Hospital Center in Split.

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