PHOTO: Minister Bocvarski got married, colleagues among the guests at the wedding, the Serbian got stuck at the border

Nikolovski congratulated Bochvarski on his marriage/Photo: Facebook

The Minister of Agriculture Ljupco Nikolovski together with his wife congratulated the marriage of his colleague and party member Blagoj Bochvarski, publishing a photo of the wedding with the chosen one Marinela which took place last night in the hotel "Alexandar Palace" in Skopje.

Bochvarski proposed to Marinela Serafimova in August last year.

At the wedding of the Bochvarski couple last night, other members of his SDSM party, as well as female colleagues in the Kovacevski government, were present.

A photo published on social networks of the wedding celebration shows Defense Minister Slavjanka Petrovska, Labor Minister Jovanka Trenchevska, Deputy Prime Minister Slavica Grkovska and the General Secretary of the Assembly, Cvetanka Ivanova, in a cheerful mood.

The ministerial guests at Bochvarski's wedding/Photo: Facebook

His Serbian colleague, Tomislav Momirović, left for Skopje yesterday, but got stuck for an hour at the border, so he explained his experience of the border standstill and the non-functioning of the Open Balkans idea with a tweet.


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