PHOTO | They enjoyed themselves: Bears broke into a van and ate the donuts of the soldiers in Alaska

Photo: Pexels

Two bears broke into a donut van parked outside a convenience store on a military base in Alaska.

The driver usually did not lock the door when he stopped in front of the store to deliver the donuts, but this time uninvited guests arrived in the vehicle.

Namely, the bear and one of her cubs experienced the open door as an "invitation" to enter the van and treat themselves to the donuts.

"They stayed in the car for at least twenty minutes," said Shelly Dino, store manager at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

The bears ate the donuts and ignored the employees' attempts to chase them from the vehicle, Shelly Dino said, and shared the news agency "Associated Press".

"I hit the van and they didn't even move. I heard them opening packages and everything. "I got the impression that they didn't care at all," she said.

Since the bears had no intention of getting out of the vehicle, security at the military base was called and sirens were turned on to scare the animals away, the manager said.

The bears eventually got out of the van, sniffed around the store, and headed into the woods.

By the way, it was not unusual to see bears in this military base and around the store, but something like this has never happened before.

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