PHOTO | Two new 'alien' mummies discovered in Peru, one was pregnant

Photo: Illustration / Wikimedia Commons

UFO expert suggested that the mummies, including what appears to be pregnant, they could be alien-human hybrids.

Two newly discovered mummies, which are claimed to be aliens, are in the center of a heated legal dispute in South America.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Jaime Mosan calls her the Peruvian government to allow him to send two newly discovered "mummies" in advanced laboratories in the USA for testing.

He quoted fellow scientists who claim that the new samples contain "30 percent unknown" DNA.

However, Peruvian archaeologists claim that the two mummies, one of which is pregnant, they may be simple ancient people which they dug up tomb robbers.

Mr Mawsan's latest battle to prove aliens exist among us comes after he suggested the two figures discovered could be hybrids of aliens and humans. He underwent initial X-ray and ultrasound examinations of the body in March of this year.


Fellow journalist Joyce Mantilla claims that the footage shows that the pregnant figure, called Монсерат, it has in itself fetus with three fingers "tridactyl", states British "Express".

The debate came to a head in April when Peruvian police stormed Mr Mausan's press conference to unveil the new bodies, intending to confiscate one of the new mummified bodies.

He told The Daily Mail: "A lawsuit has already been filed for $300 million. We will negotiate with Peru to be allowed to export the samples that will be made in America."

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