PHOTO | Everything is made to perfection in the yard of Ivana Kuzmanovska Momiroska

Photo: Private archive

Today we are talking to a great creative, hairdresser by profession, Ivana Kuzmanovska Momiroska.

photo-private archive

He is engaged in growing flowers, as he says, since he knows about himself, he has always wanted a beautiful, medium yard with beautiful flowers and trees. And there is a special gift for decorating. In every corner of her yard she breathes impeccable style.

- As always, I am responsible for our yard and the arrangement at home. As they say, in the yard you know what kind of people live inside, says this charming lady.

The yard stretches for almost 200 square meters and is located in the Skopje neighborhood Kozle.

- When you stand in the yard and look at the view from all sides, it is as if you have the largest yard in the world, besides such a view, looking at the whole of Skopje in the palm of your hand, the yard looks like there is no end, adds Ivana with a smile.

This fairytale yard is dominated by flowers that have special colors, and bloom all the time for our creative to enjoy the view.

- My yard requires a lot of commitment, but it never presents me with difficulty while arranging it, I just forget how many hours I am in the yard, without entering the house, says Ivana.

Otherwise, she does not have a favorite flower because she thinks that all flowers are special in their own way, but still, if she has to choose - is what her daughter loves to water with her.

The following is the gardening advice for those who want to grow flowers.

- To start with the colors that are favorite of flowers, that will beautify their morning, day, night

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