PHOTO | A Russian miss is the target of criticism: She uses photoshop too much, and in live she looks "plastic"

Photo: Instagram/Natalia Oskar

Russian model and singer Natalia Oscar won the annual edition of the Russian national beauty pageant "Mrs World", which is the first international beauty pageant for married women and has been traditionally held since 1984.

Oscar won the competition from 83 women, who fought for the glamorous crown.

And while the beautiful Russian celebrated her victory, the viewers in front of the small screens were shocked by her appearance. According to many, she looked very different from the way she looks in her social media photos.

Photo: Instagram/Natalia Oskar

A number of Russians criticize Oskar for using too many photo editing tools, to the point that it looks unrecognizable live. Also, many say that the model looks "plastic" and "unattractive" due to her cosmetic corrections.

"If this is the most beautiful Russian woman, then what can we say about the rest?", "She looks very bad." So, what are the criteria and are there any at all?", "There is a rule that one does not discuss beauty, but here it is possible," say the Russians, who do not agree with her victory.

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