PHOTO | They said "I do" 32 years ago: Lepa Brena and Boba Živojinović celebrate their wedding anniversary

Photo: Instagram/Lepa Brena

The biggest Yugoslav star Beautiful Brena (63) today celebrates the 32nd anniversary of the day she married her husband, the former tennis player Slobodan Živojinović – Boba (60)

On that occasion, she shared two old photos of the two of them, one of which is from their wedding celebration.

"Happy anniversary, 7.12.1991/XNUMX/XNUMX," she wrote and added star, clover and heart emoticons.

Photo: Instagram/Lepa Brena

They met at the peak of their careers

The love story of this couple started back in 1986.

"When I met Boba, I liked his spontaneity and honesty and knew that, like me, there was not much time to waste, because then our careers were in full swing. I said to myself – now or never! I remember, we met after the premiere of the first part of the movie 'Let's Love' at the House of Trade Unions. We were introduced by Raka Djokić, my manager," Brenna said, and Boba continued.

Photo: Instagram/Lepa Brena

"I should have met Brenna much earlier because we wanted to hire her to sing at a tennis tournament. But Raka Djokić, her manager, and later our godfather, justified us that Brenna has many obligations. But it's true, she performed all the time. When we finally met, Brenna came up to me and said, 'Where have you been all these years?' It was a fateful meeting, and the first few months were very difficult. We used every free moment to be together. I was coming from Ibiza to Zurich, just to see her," said the former tennis player.

Photo: Instagram/Lepa Brena

"Wedding of the Century"

Due to their wedding, even the news program Dnevnik was interrupted so that the couple could join the program live. Their special day was called the "wedding of the century." The media reported that 50.000 German marks were spent on organizing the wedding. The guests were treated to 650 different types of food. After the wedding, they released a recording on VHS tape, which was not common at the time.

On one occasion, the singer talked about how they went through everything in their marriage.

"Boba and I have been lucky enough to grow together through marriage, laugh together, cry together, go through everything together. We were united not only by the beautiful things, of which there were always many, but also by the difficult situations we survived together - kidnapping of a child, collapse of the state, death of a parent... Then you will see if the person next to you is really your life partner. Because it's easy to be good when everything is good," Brenna said.

Their happiness was disturbed by the kidnapping of their son Stephen (31), who was kidnapped on November 23, 2000 in front of their house. The eight-year-old boy was returned home alive and well after five days. In addition to Stefan, the couple also has a 25-year-old son Victor.

The former tennis player has another son from a previous marriage, Philip (38), who is the husband of the famous singer Aleksandra Prijovi. (28)

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