PHOTO | Prince William "caught" in a gay restaurant in Poland

Photo: EPA/Screenshot/Instagram/Mihal Zaczynski

Prince William surprised diners at a gay restaurant in Warsaw, Poland with his visit, sitting among them and ordering a meal from the menu.

Visitors to the Buetero Bistro restaurant, which has been described as a "queer space", were surprised to see the British heir to the throne enjoying a dinner that cost less than €10.

One of the guests snapped a photo of the 40-year-old prince as he sat at his table, dressed casually in a shirt without a tie.

Source for the Daily Mail revealed that "a team from Kensington Palace had booked a local restaurant near where they were working, and Prince William decided to come with them."

"It was a great night. The team was really honored to have the prince join them," the source told the British tabloid.

Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/Michal Zachinski

The owner of the restaurant revealed that Prince William had ordered a pulled pork sandwich and was pleased with the food.

Incidentally, the prince is visiting Poland to express his support for the country as it has been helping refugees displaced by the war in Ukraine.

During his official trip, he also met with British and Polish soldiers on the Ukrainian-Polish border and praised them.

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