PHOTO | Princess Charlotte has to return a gift worth 40.000 euros: They also discovered the reason

Kate Middleton with the children / Photo: Printskrin Instagram The Prince and Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton and Prince William's daughter, Princess Charlotte (9) after birth she received baby rattle harmful 41.510 euros. But due to strict royal protocols, she could not keep the expensive gift, reports British "Mirror".

The company "Natural Sapphire" she made this one rattle one 18 carat white gold, and it is decorated with ediamonds, sapphires and rubies.

– When Kate and William got engaged, the princess wore a blue sapphire ring that belonged to Princess Diana. After their engagement, sales of the blue sapphire increased, because women wanted to be just like Kate - the company said at one time.

"Today we continue to grow as a company and are delighted to celebrate the birth of a new member of the royal family. "Thank you to Kate and William for introducing our company to the world by gifting them a custom designed baby rattle fit for their princess," they added at the time.

"Precious metal baby gifts are a tradition dating back to the 18th century. Our $45.000 luxury knocker is crafted from 18K white gold and encrusted with sapphires, rubies and diamonds. Such a unique gift, unlike any other he will receive from well-wishers around the world, will surely be appreciated," the company boasted.

However, Princess Charlotte may not have been able to keep the baby rattle although this has not been confirmed by Kensington Palace.

"Kensington Palace has not announced whether William and Kate actually received the lavish toy as gifts from commercial companies are not accepted," the Express explained.


You can see the photos of the precious gift that Princess Charlotte has to return HERE.

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