PHOTO | The famous presenter Marko became the father of twins: Vanya and Veda were born

Marko Noveski with his wife Cena / Photo: Private archive

The famous Macedonian TV and radio presenter Marko Noveski today he became the father of twins.

Marco's wife, Price, brought into the world a boy and a girl, and the proud father immediately boasted on social networks.

"Welcome Vanya and Veda and thank you Cena for making my biggest dream come true. I LOVE YOU," Marko wrote in the description of the photo of the twins.

Marko got married to his beloved Cena Plavevska in August 2021.

"I got married!" I love you Plavevska and I can't wait to see how our story will unfold. A big thank you to godfather Damjan for his unreserved commitment to the whole thing and of course to old lady Sashka for the expert logistics of this act," wrote Marko in the post and shared several photos of the solemn moment.

PHOTO | "He jumped into the pan": The host Marko Noveski got married

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