PHOTO | Enjoying love again: Tamara shared a photo with her new partner

Photo: Instagram/Tamara Todevska

After separating from her longtime partner Aleksandar Dimitrovski - Cat, the Macedonian singer Tamara Todevska he enjoys love again.

In talk about "Women's Magazine", the singer shared that she gave a chance to a new person in her life.

"I always give love a chance. No matter how cliché it sounds, we can't live without love. And here I mean love for family, work, friends, as well as love for a partner, of course. There are no rules. Love is not my calendar of planned concerts and gigs, so I can adapt it to them. It happens. Without asking, without planning. That's why she is beautiful and hardworking," she told "Women's Magazine".

Although she did not reveal who it is, according to the posts on her social media profiles, it can be concluded that it is Luka Radovic, architect and designer from Skopje.

Yesterday, the singer published a new photo with her chosen one, in which she kisses him on the cheek, and added the song "Kiss of Life" by the British singer to her Instagram story. Shade.

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