PHOTO | A portrait of Kate Middleton shocked the public: Everyone says that the princess does not look like herself

Kate Middleton / Photo: EPA

It hasn't been long since the new portrait of King Charles was revealed to the public, and already another portrait of one of the favorites of the British royal family has been revealed, which has caused negative reactions.

Namely, "Tatler" magazine published a cover page with a portrait of Princess Kate Middleton to "pay tribute to her courage", two months after she announced in a video that she was suffering from cancer. The portrait shows her first state banquet during the reign of King Charles.

The portrait was painted by British-Zambian painter Hannah Uzor, who used various photographs of the princess for inspiration. In addition to portraits of the princess, the magazine also published portraits of the late Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles.

"The cover completes the royal triptych with a new portrait," the magazine stated.

Photo: Instagram / tatlermagazine / akojegallery

However, many were not delighted with the portrait of the beloved princess, so there were numerous negative comments under the portrait.

"So you're kidding?" Well, she doesn't look like that at all!”; "This looks like a child drew it"; "Who made you such a terrible portrait?"; "Come on, this is terrible!" No, sorry, it's good for a seven-year-old!”; "What a terrible portrait of such a beautiful woman," were some of the comments.

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