PHOTO: Take a look at satellite images of the skies over Ukraine a month ago and now

Night satellite imagery released by NASA shows how urban parts of Ukraine have been shrouded in darkness since the beginning of the invasion. Sky News compare satellite imagery from February 7 and March 7 (two days ago).

The NASA image below was taken on February 7, 2022. It shows what Ukraine looked like the night before, a month ago, and before Russia invaded on February 24. Groups of lights in populated areas such as cities or on some important roads appear white on the map.

Photo: NASA

For comparison, the picture below shows what Ukraine looked like on the night of March 7, 2022. Only a small amount of white can now be seen - most of the night light sources have gone out.

Photo: NASA

In the video we can see him as well the impact of the war on certain cities and regions of Ukraine. The pictures below show it Kiev. Some areas appear blurred in the image taken on February 7 due to clouds. Nevertheless, the capital is brightly lit, with a flash of light. Dozens of small dots cover the rest of the image.

A month later the whole area is almost completely dark. The light coming from the city of Kyiv is significantly reduced, and on March 7 only a few other lights are visible.

Photo: NASA

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