(PHOTO) After the wedding – drums for the historical class of Dehari in Kicevo

Fatmir Dehari

The reaction of the parties from the Macedonian political bloc to the jubilee celebration of Kicevo Mayor Fatmir Dehari will be reduced to the beating of wedding drums. Next month, Kicevo councilors from VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM will ask Mayor Dehari for an account of the celebration "10 years of Kicevo under Albanian rule", i.e. how much he spent on the organization of the mono-ethnic manifestation in multi-ethnic Kicevo to which he "forgot" to invite not only them , but also Macedonian officials, cultural workers and social workers.

For the time being, only the municipal organization of VMRO-DPMNE from Kichevo reacted to the nationalist celebration. DUI's coalition partner, SDSM, is silent about the celebration of Dehari.

It is striking that SDSM and the coalition just three days earlier reacted violently to the announcement of the opposition mayor of Tetovo and president of Besa, Bilal Kasami, that Tetovo is the capital of the Albanians in North Macedonia.

For two days, Mayor Dehari persistently refuses to answer the questions of "Sloboden pechat" why it is necessary to organize such an event, whether Macedonian politicians and social activists are invited, who is the organizer, how much the organization costs and who pays for it.

Dehari, instead of answering the public, he published on Facebook a photo with employees of the Municipality, dressed in black T-shirts with the map of Kicevo. After the photo, the mayor wrote:

"The pride you gave us today as well as 10 years ago together with you in the palace of culture."

A photo with cookies with the Albanian flag and "10 years of pride" written on it was also published.

Laze Jakimovski, coordinator of the advisory group of VMRO-DPMNE in Kichevo Municipality, assessed the event as Dehari's private party. He says that at the first session of the Council of the Municipality in April, they will ask Dehari to answer why the Council was not consulted about the celebration, whose organization it is and how much money from the budget of Kičevci was spent on the nationalist manifestation. Jakimovski suspects that Dehari spent the entire budget for culture on the celebration, because not a single cultural project was accepted before.

"It is about Dehari's private party where he will promote nationalism and irredentism. What is proud and dignified in his reign, did he make devastation and exodus? That many citizens have been evicted, above all Albanians, that many companies have been closed, and he only cooperates with a few? The bazaar is devastated! Corruption reigns! Emancipated and educated Albanians cannot be kept by a private party and thousands of Albanian flags. What is Dehari proud of?" asked Jakimovski.

The coordinator of the advisory group of SDSM and coalition partner of DUI, Ivancho Božinovski, only briefly answered us that the advisors were not consulted about the celebration and that he personally does not agree with such a manifestation and that SDSM Kicevo will express its position after coordinating with the Executive board.

For the celebration of Dehari, Levica and Petar Bogojeski, president of the Macedonian concept, who directly called on Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and Minister Oliver Spasovski to react to this ethnic chauvinism.

"Dehari admits that Macedonia is today under Albanian ethnic rule, without any respect for the multi-ethnicity or possibly the civil character of the country. It is not the first time that Kichevo or other Macedonian cities have been occupied by Albanian chauvinists, fascists or Stalinists. Where is the police and should they find a Macedonian flag in Kicevo? According to which law does the Municipality of Kicevo and Dehari operate? What measures did the state take to protect the country's constitutional and legal order? "Does Dimitar Kovachevski know what is happening to him in the country, or will he also go to the appropriate ceremony for the Albanian government in Kicevo," Bogojeski reacts.

Dimitar Apasiev, the leader of the Left, called out Prime Minister Kovacevski on Facebook.

"The coward Dimitar Kovachevski is silent, while DUI Kichevo is treated as a conquered territory and the Macedonians as second-class citizens!" Albanian flags and inscriptions in Albanian with the title '10 years of the Albanian rule of the Municipality of Kicevo' and a program with a history lesson 'Kicevo under Albanian rule'!? And we must not forget that in 2013, DPMNE gave Kichevo to DUI, so that they could destroy coexistence and the city," Apasiev wrote.

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