PHOTO | "Playboy" from 2004 with an interview of Aleksandar Vucic sells for 855 euros

Aleksandar Vucic for "Playboy" / Photo: Twitter/"Slobodarska Serbia"

2004 issue of the Serbian edition of Playboy magazine, featuring an interview with the current Serbian president Aleksandar Vuќi., is sold for an incredible 855 euros.

Namely, Vucic's interview with the title "Urban Radical of Belgrade" appeared on the pages of the erotic magazine, and the famous writer Isidora Bjelica she asked him 20 questions.

Two decades later, the specific issue of Playboy found its way onto the online sales website, and those who would like to have it in their collection will have to allocate an incredible amount of money.

"This interview for 'Playboy' is an incredible surreal journalistic rarity," the ad's description says.

Photo: Screenshot

For the purposes of the interview, Vucic posed on a bed in a white checkered shirt. In one of the photos, while holding a grape above his head with one hand like Dionysus, he has a bowl of fruit on his lap and a book in the other hand. The one in which the Serbian president is smiling was chosen for the cover photo of the interview.

Also, Vucic's answers certainly raised the price of this Playboy issue.

"I was traveling to Podgorica, with the first morning flight, the one at 5.45:XNUMX. We, federal MPs, had the right to plane tickets, so by mistake they gave me a ticket in the name of my party member Dragan Todorovic. And so, the kind gentleman at the check-in said to me: Great, Mr. Vucic, now I will pretend that I did not recognize you and that you are Mr. Todorovic, and now come a little closer if you can. I was worried at that moment, I thought that they would reveal something to me about the company's operations, about some malpractice, about corruption at the very least. And the man quietly said to me: 'Mr. Vucic, fasten the zipper of your pants.' I fell into the ground," shared the Serbian president.

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