PHOTO | Friday Sensation Cocktail: You only need three ingredients

Cocktail / Facebook
Cocktail / Facebook

It is Friday, and we know that after work a person wants to relax and allow himself a little relaxation. If you do not like bars, cocktail places or anywhere, get three ingredients and enjoy at home this deep, sensual, awake cocktail that will cheer you up.

Its name is Boom and it is really an explosion of simple and contrasting flavors.

You need:

  • 15 ml of vodka
  • 15 ml of plum wine
  • 15 ml of American coffee or strong espresso


Put the vodka in a wide glass first, then slowly pour the wine. With a thin spoon then add the coffee in a thin stream and stir. Garnish with two or three coffee beans.

The liquids should be well cooled beforehand.

Enjoy a nice weekend!


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