PHOTO: The fallen pole on "50th Division" street

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

As a result of the storm that hit Skopje and Tetovo yesterday in the afternoon, a pole fell on the "50th Division" street in Skopje.

The CMC informed this morning that the damages are being repaired in the Skopje and Tetovo regions. Damages have been reported for flooded houses, basements, garages, streets, fallen trees, damaged cars, facades...

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The crisis management center informs this morning that in the Tetovo region, there are 22 firefighters on the ground with 15 pumps and all the machinery. All flooded basements, garages, houses, buildings and other flooded areas are cleaned in stages. Roads in this region are passable, but in certain places on the roadways there are drifts of mud, sand, stones and other material, which slow down and make traffic difficult.

Because of the storm, half of the city of Tetovo was without electricity. The information from EVN Macedonia is that the network is being checked and if everything is in order, electricity will be released piece by piece. The mountain villages and 60 percent of Tetovo have electricity, and the rest will be switched on gradually in the coming hours.

In Skopje, until this morning, 42 reports were received about fallen trees in several locations in the city, for which the on-duty services in JP Parkovi and Zelenilo, City of Skopje and JP Vodovod and Kanalizaza were notified. Four cases of problems with electricity supply were reported, one of which was for a transformer that exploded in Zelenikovo and for fallen poles.

Reports of flooded basements, houses, damaged cars, fallen trees after yesterday's storm

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