PHOTO | Novelty in the trio "Funk Shui": Women's energy is coming!

Funk Shui / Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

One of the most progressive Macedonian bands "Funk Shui"On their official Instagram profile with their numerous fans shared a novelty.

"Happy New Year. 2021 was a year of self-reflection for all of us. After many long conversations, we realized that our dreams for the future are not the same as when we started.

Unfortunately, we have to announce that last October the concert was the last show with David as a member. This is not easy for any of us. We spent 11 years together playing, laughing, traveling, fighting, crying, sharing good and bad ме We love him and wish him all the best in his future plans.

At the same time, we are excited about the fresh energy that Martina brings and the acquisition of a new friend for life. We look forward to this new chapter together. "Therefore, Martina is welcome and endless thanks to you," reads the Funk Shui post.


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Until recently, the band consisted of Mihail Namichev, Luka Gjorgievski and David Nikolovski who de facto created a unique musical expression over the years. Their story began with the debut album "Aether" in 2012. They said about their own music that it could not be determined by genre and that it was more like a feeling and a reason.

David Nikolovski also announced the new changes in the band and shared his side of the story.

"Guys, thank you to everyone who wrote. I want to announce that due to the oversaturation of energy in "Funk Shui" and my own ideas and projects that I am currently working on, I decided a few months ago to give up my place in the band for the common progress of mind and soul. I am grateful for the wonderful energy we have shared together over the years. I wish all the best to all my people from Shui. "See you in the next adventure," said David.

David's post on his Instagram account / Photo: Instagram

We are sure that the modern sound, the freshness, the fervor that the band possessed will continue to rise. And while we are really sorry that this sound trio is splitting up, we are still looking forward to hearing the sound of the talented Martina Barakoska on drums!

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