PHOTO | Dicaprio's new girlfriend is a high school student: Eden is 29 years younger than the Hollywood charmer

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American actor and director Leonardo DiCaprio (48) recently attended the model's private party Ebony Riley in Los Angeles, and he was accompanied by a mysterious girl whose name is already known to the general public.

However, the girl's name is not a hot topic on social networks, but her age. The actor always manages to attract the attention of the public with his love affairs and has appeared on many front pages of the world's tabloids.


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According to the world media, the Hollywood seducer is allegedly in a relationship with the model One Polanyi, who is only 19 years old, writes ""Daily Mail".


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The model is originally from Israel, just like DiCaprio's longtime ex-girlfriend, Bar Rafaeli (37). It is not known how the actor and Eden met, but at the party it was obvious that there was something between them.

"Leave him," "Don't you know his history of love affairs?" He'll leave you when you turn 25", "He's too old for you", are just some of the comments that dawned on social networks under Eden's posts.

After the end of his last long relationship with Camilla Morone, DiCaprio became the talk of social media as he broke up with the model after she celebrated her 25th birthday. Leonardo's love relationships so far are mostly with girls who are younger than 25 years old.

PHOTO | Dicaprio "caught" with a new girlfriend: Is she younger than 25?

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