PHOTO | We in coats, and Lila in a bathing suit: Where and with whom does our famous host spend her summer in mid-November?

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Our famous host and influencer enjoys Fujairah or as she says: "In one of the seven emirates, located on the Gulf of Oman an hour and a half away from the most popular Emirate of Dubai. What sets Fujairah apart from other emirates are the sandy beaches and the beautiful sea, great climate (not so unbearably hot) because it has mountains and beautiful vegetation. In recent times it has become a major tourist destination for summer vacations in one of the luxury resorts, vacations for the whole family, for young people and all those who want to enjoy a real vacation, especially in the period when it is winter, so they want to escape to the warm regions..

While we hunt for the last signs of the cold November sun, Lila spends these days in a bathing suit.


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- The advantage of such hot spots as Dubai and other emirates is that it is still very hot so there can be a night bath… and these glasses are here for "artistic feeling", and the fans from Dubai do not recognize me. So much for now, and tomorrow new journeys await me… I have many more things to present to you, stands in the description of a photo in which the host looks irresistible in a purple one-piece swimsuit.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

For the enjoyment to be complete, the host is in the company of beautiful ladies with whom she completely enjoys and has fun. Simply, the summer for Lila has no end!

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