PHOTO+VIDEO | The storm in Delčevo left devastation: Swallowed and excavated streets, vehicles under water, destroyed plantations

Photo: Facebook

In the storm in Delčevo, as reported by the local media, Milkovo Brdo suffered the most, where citizens called about flooded buildings.

Photos and videos tell of the terrible storm that engulfed streets and vehicles.

Photo: Facebook

CMC also informed about the storm.

"From 16:30 to 18:20, the city of Delchevo was hit by a big storm (rain and hail), where more than 60 buildings were flooded in Prolet neighborhood, Industriska street. TPPE Delchevo and JPKD Bregalnica are on the ground with their entire team, and they are pumping out water from the flooded buildings. A larger part of the city is without electricity supply," said the CMC.

A part of "Vera Jocic" street was also destroyed. In several populated areas of the city, cars are under water.

Vehicles cannot move on part of the streets in Delchevo and the traffic there is at a standstill.

The hailstorms, which were the size of hazelnuts, caused damage to part of the early garden crops and part of the fruit plantations.

The Municipality of Delchevo appealed to the citizens to report possible damages, and from there they additionally announced information about the initial damages caused by the storm.

VIDEO: A big storm with heavy rain and hail hit Delchevo, a dozen buildings were flooded

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