Photo: A storm in Kavadarci uprooted poles and trees

Photo: KTV

A strong wind hit Kavadarechko today, uprooting poles and several trees, the Kavadarechko local government informed tonight.

"The intervention of the firefighters from the Kavadarci Territorial Fire Fighting Unit, the services from "My Mayor" and the Public Enterprise "Komunalec" was quick. Their teams intervened in the places where it was necessary. In fact, there were problems with fallen poles, the majority of which are the property of EVN and "Telecom and uprooted trees along the road, caused by the strong wind in Kavadarci territory", the Municipality announced.

From there, they appealed to the people of Kavadar, if they have any need for intervention, to call the free phone numbers 13 300 and 193, in order to get support in overcoming the possible problem

And the mayor of Kavadardci Mitko Jancev the Facebook profile informed about the storm by publishing several photos.

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