PHOTO | The most beautiful love in Hollywood: Pierce Brosnan gave his wife 60 roses for her 60th birthday

Photo: EPA / Profimedia

The Irish actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife Kylie Shay Smith they have one of the most stable marriages in Hollywood, which is a real rarity among famous actors.

Yesterday, Keeley, who is a successful journalist and author, celebrated her jubilee 60th birthday, and the 70-year-old actor from the James Bond films presented her with a bouquet of 60 roses.

“Sixty roses for my brown-eyed girlfriend for her 60th birthday. I'm lucky and blessed to be sitting there when he walked around the corner that morning in Cabo San Lucas," Brosnan captioned the photo, recalling their first meeting.

Keely Shay Smith and Pierce Brosnan
Photo: Instagram/Pierce Brosnan

As a reminder, the couple met on a beach in Mexico in April 1994. They were married at Ballintuber Abbey in Ireland on August 4, 2001.

They are parents to 26-year-old son Dylan Thomas and 22-year-old son Paris Beckett.

Photo: Instagram/Pierce Brosnan

PHOTO | Pierce Brosnan dedicated an emotional post to his wife Kylie on the occasion of her birthday

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