PHOTO | The most provocative issue ever: The former prime minister of Finland published a picture in a bikini

Photo: Instagram/Sana Marin

The former Prime Minister of Finland, Sana Marin caused numerous reactions in the Finnish media due to one of the last photos he posted on Instagram.

The politician, who recently worked as a consultant at the Tony Blair Institute, posted a series of photos with the caption: "Random photos from recent travels."

Photo: Instagram/Sana Marin
Photo: Instagram/Sana Marin
Photo: Instagram/Sana Marin
Photo: Instagram/Sana Marin

In one of them, she poses in a bikini.

"Sana published photos from a trip - in a bikini on the beach", "The former prime minister published a brave photo", "Marin published a photo in a bikini - wow, what a beauty from the beach", are just some of the headlines that appeared in the media because of this photo.

Photo: Instagram/Sana Marin

We remind you that at the beginning of September, Sana Marin resigned from the post of president of the Social Democratic Party, hoping to divert attention from her private life, after four turbulent years at the head of the party.

In 2014, 34-year-old Marin became the world's youngest female prime minister, attracting global attention and helping to boost Finland's image.

She has appeared on the covers of Vogue and Time magazines, has a million followers on Instagram, and is considered a progressive leader by fans around the world.

Sana Marin also resigned from the post of party president

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