PHOTO | At dinner at the White House: Robert De Niro in the company of a girlfriend 35 years younger

Photo: Tierney L. Cross / Zuma Press / Profimedia

The acting legend Robert DeNiro (80) and his partner Tiffany Chen (45) enjoyed the state dinner organized by US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden in honor of Japanese Prime Minister Fumi Kishida, reports "Page Six".

They attended the event Jeff Bezos (60) and his partner Lauren SanchezTim CookLisa JacksonChristy Yamaguchi and other.

The couple appeared holding hands and were very elegantly dressed. De Niro opted for a classically elegant black suit, and Chen for a long white strapless dress.

Photo: – / INSTAR Images / Profimedia

The couple appeared at the dinner just days after celebrating their baby girl's first birthday. De Niro revealed that he and Chen, who he has been dating since 2021, had a child last year but kept her pregnancy a secret.

"All the children are very enthusiastic about her. Even the grandchildren. She is their aunt, and soon they will become teenagers," the actor said in February about his daughter Gia.

De Niro, who had Gia when he was 79, has six other children. During his first marriage with actress Diana Abbott, he had a daughter, Drena, and a son, Raphael. He then welcomed twins Julian and Aaron with actress Tookie Smith while they were in a relationship. And with his ex-wife Grace Hightower, he had a son, Elliott, and a daughter, Helen Grace.

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