PHOTO: The "striker" vehicles arrived in Krivolak for the joint exercise of the Macedonian and American soldiers

Photo: Facebook/Slavjanka Petrovska

The Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska together with the US ambassador, Angela Ageler today they visited the American soldiers who, together with members of the Macedonian Army, are performing an exercise on "Krivolak". Both the minister and the ambassador said that the exercise builds mutual trust, friendship and partnership. The members of the Macedonian army had the opportunity to see for themselves the capabilities of the "striker" vehicles that the army will acquire at the end of next year.

"We had the opportunity to follow a part of the exercise that is being held led by the US Army for Europe and Africa, where 180 members of this army are practicing their abilities at the Krivolak military training ground. For us, it is important from two aspects, firstly, the Krivolak training ground is again used by our allies, which shows the mutual trust we have, but also a good opportunity for members of the Macedonian army to see the capabilities of the "striker" vehicles that will soon be part of the Macedonian army, that is, the capacities of the Macedonian army and the first vehicles that we expect to arrive from the end of 2024. Until then, our members will have the opportunity in such circumstances to be part of such exercises, to see for themselves the capabilities of the vehicles that we procure," said Petrovska.

Photo: Facebook/Slavjanka Petrovska

With the exercise, she emphasized, the unity and alliance is shown, which, as she emphasized, is significant in these extremely challenging times for security around the world.

Ambassador Ageler thanked the minister and the army for the friendship and partnership, which she believes will continue to develop in the future, stressing that joint exercises help the armies become more prepared and act together.

"I am convinced that this friendship and partnership will continue to develop in the future. I would also like to thank Brigadier General Ellis who brought the members of the XNUMXnd Cavalry Regiment here, because the more we work together, the more we exercise together, we achieve greater interoperability and at the same time, in this way, the armies become more prepared, to act together and to the capabilities that are needed for NATO", said Ageler.

Answering journalist's questions, Minister Petrovska said that 120 soldiers were here for training which was completed and lasted for a month.

"Mainly it was dimensioned according to their needs and what it means needs on the ground." Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is still going on and of course as we announced a few months ago and of course when the training ended and when we announced it and in the coming period, Krivolak will be available for the needs of the Ukrainian military, if there is a need to conduct again from on the part of our armed forces, of course we will conduct this type of training additionally," said the minister.

Regarding the delivery of the "strikers", the minister said that it will start from the end of next year, according to the dynamics that will be further determined and reiterated that this is an excellent opportunity for members of the Macedonian army to see the capabilities of Krivolak's vehicles.

- And of course, when they start arriving through appropriate trainings, they will become part of the capacities of our army, concluded the minister.

In the "Brave Partner 23" exercise, as previously announced by the Ministry of Defense, the Macedonian army participates as the host country with about 30 of its members, the necessary military-police escort and security, as well as logistical support of the activities.

"With this type of training activities, in addition to strengthening the alliance and interoperability with the US Armed Forces, the capabilities for joint defense and deterrence are demonstrated, as well as the capacity and importance of AP "Krivolak" for performing different types of training and exercises. At the same time, this represents an opportunity for practical familiarization with the characteristics and possibilities of this type of armored vehicles, which according to the plan for the development of the defense capabilities for modernization and equipping will be part of our Army in the next period", says the Ministry of Defense.

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