PHOTO | Which one suits her best? Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian and Jelena Karleusha wear the fashion hit of the season

Photo: Instagram/Profimedia

The actress Nicole Kidman (55) surprised with the unusual styling while leaving the fashion house "Balenciaga" wearing a bizarre black eye mask during Fashion Week in Paris on Tuesday.

The actress looked 'alien' as she wore the black eye mask in the shape of a bow, wearing a black bodysuit and casual high-waisted jeans.

Nicole surprised everyone with this style, considering that people are used to seeing her in elegant and sophisticated editions.

Photo: Profimedia

The same unusual glasses were worn by the starlet Kim Kardashian a year earlier, while wearing a head-to-toe black ensemble.

Since these photos were published, the internet has been "burning" over who these glasses fit better and which of these two stars wore them better.

Photo: Profimedia

"This is totally Kim Kardashian style", "Hmm, I don't know, after all Kim wore them first...", "Why would anyone want to copy a starlet?", are just some of the comments.

Obviously, these unusual glasses are a hit among celebrities. Not even the Serbian singer could resist them Jelena Karleuшаa, who these days publishes photos on her Instagram profile in which she is wearing a miniature silver bikini and similar glasses, i.e. it is a silver mirror protector with the signature of Alexander McQueen.


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