PHOTO | Milan Stankovic replaced the stage with a monastery: the Serbian singer became a novice among the monks

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The public was surprised when the famous Serbian singer Milan Stankovic made the decision to retire from public life and replace the stage with a monastery. Stankovic's new lifestyle constantly intrigues the public, and it was rumored that he became a novice in the Podmaine monastery near Budva.


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And while the media constantly reports on the change in the image of Milan, the transformation and the new principles of life, Stankovic does not care about the comments in the public and leads a peaceful life. Milan is interested in serious topics, and now he was seen at a lecture in the monastery in Nevešinja, where numerous believers and priests attended.

In mid-December 2021, Milan was in the monastery near Priepole (Zlatibor), a culturally historical building from the 13th century. The Milesheva Monastery is also known for the White Angel icon.


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Now again, Serbian media published new photos of the former singer. Dressed in black, and with a completely changed appearance, he attended a lecture accompanied by Father Rafail Boljevic.

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