PHOTO | Martha, 94, of Alabama first wore a wedding dress because of racism

ofelia mun
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Martha May Ophelia Moon Tucker (94) from Birmingham, Alabama, married in 1952. At that time, black women were not allowed to enter salons for wedding dresses, so she wore a dark blue dress for her wedding.

Recently, almost 70 years after her own wedding, she tried on a real wedding dress from the salon and her wish came true. She watched the movie "Coming to America" ​​with her granddaughter Angela Strozier. During the wedding scene, Grandma Martha revealed to her granddaughter that she had dreamed of wearing a wedding dress all her life.

Her granddaughter decided to help her realize her dream. A few days later, the granddaughter took her grandmother to a bridal salon. The overjoyed grandmother tried on two wedding dresses, and to make the atmosphere as good as possible, her granddaughter did her make-up and hairstyle before the rehearsal. When they arrived at the boutique, the granddaughter explained the situation to the staff.

"They were overjoyed and delighted with my idea. They were very happy to help my grandmother make her dream come true. "They helped her choose, adjusted her dress and accepted her as a real bride," said the granddaughter, adding that the grandmother was overjoyed.

"This experience was wonderful and special to me. I told them: I have been waiting for this all my life. "Give me a dress," said the cheerful grandmother.

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