PHOTO | Famous Macedonian couples who are celebrating the New Year today

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Newlyweds mark the beginning of spring. This day is one of the major Christian holidays of the spring cycle where the memory of the forty soldiers from Sevastia, who died as martyrs without renouncing the Christian faith, is celebrated.

This holiday is celebrated by married couples in the first year of marriage, those who got married after March 22 of the previous year.

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In the past in Macedonia, the holiday of the Holy Forty Martyrs was associated with a number of customs and beliefs. Some of them are associated with the memory of the Holy 40 Soldiers of Sebastia, and others with the spring equinox, the day of spring and the revival of nature.

According to some, young people who got married the year before Mladenci, on this day go to church where they light the candles from the wedding to burn.

On the evening of Mladenci, guests are invited to the youth home to wish them happiness in marriage and wishes for a newborn. In some cases, visits are also made to families who have received a newborn.

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The women welcome the morning and knead cookies for a long, happy and sweet life, and serve the guests with them. The holiday always falls during Lent, so the food prepared for that day must be fasting. In addition to cakes, Mladenci eats honey, boiled nettles and cabbage to cleanse the blood.

Some of our famous couples who celebrate Newlyweds today shared moments from their wedding celebrations with emotional messages on the occasion of today's holiday.

Zorica Blaževa who is known to the public under her artistic name Zoe Blaze in July, last year, together with their lover, they organized a wedding celebration and legalized their long-standing love.

Three years ago, Zoe accepted the marriage proposal from her already official husband Tadej Matijasic, who is also known to sports fans as a former handball commentator of the "Metalurg" handball club.

"Newlyweds. May we always be this full of smiles and love." I love you Thaddeus - wrote Zoe, posting a photo from the wedding celebration.

Elena Stefanovska, now Elena Najdoski at the beginning of July, last year had her dream wedding celebration. Although due to weather conditions, the location of the wedding celebration was changed at the last moment, it did not stop the hostess from enjoying her happiest day to the fullest.

Stefanovska started the year with a marriage proposal. She and her partner Bojan Najdoski traveled to Moscow for the New Year holidays and it was there that Elena said the fateful "yes".

"Happy Newlyweds my love." I hold you tight, for the rest of my life," wrote Elena, posting a photo from the wedding celebration.

The couple celebrated today's holiday in the circle of their closest friends. On the occasion of today's holiday, Elena was perfectly styled in a white dress with an unusual design.

The singer Pavle Kamiloski and the hiker Irina Dishovska, four weeks ago they crowned their love. The wedding celebration started at the home of the Kamiloski family, with traditional Macedonian songs, and then continued at the bride's home, where the groom's parents traditionally presented the bride with gold.


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Pavle and Irina crowned their love in the fallen temple "St. Kliment Ohridski" where they swore eternal love before God, and then the wedding celebration continued in a famous Skopje restaurant.

"Newlyweds!" Let's see each other like this for the rest of our lives, my love!" Irina wrote in the description of the post, publishing a photo from the wedding celebration.

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