PHOTO | The Macedonian public said goodbye to Maestro Dzambazov: No more shadows for you, travel to the light!

Aleksandar Dzambazov / Instagram

The Macedonian composer and conductor died yesterday, Alexander Dzambazov. The news of his death hit everyone on the Macedonian scene, and the public expressed sympathy through social networks, mentioning the great Maestro as a particularly inspiring and important part of their lives.

The Instagram profile of his son, actor and showman Igor Dzambazov, sent emotional messages and posts from local musicians, composers, public figures who paid their last respects to the deceased composer, with words of consolation and support to the family.

Igor selflessly shared them with his followers, and some of them wrote touching memories related to Alexander. People who shared are the singer Kaliopi, the actress Vesna Petrusevska, the president Stevo Pendarovski, the singer Maja Vukicevic, the journalist Ana Zafirova, the musician Nikola Perevski-Pere, numerous friends, media and portals.

Vesna Petrusevska wrote on her Instagram profile:

"The only maestro for me in my life, meek, kind, talkative, witty, eternally in love with his Anche, constantly worried about his Tanja and Igor… What sessions did we have in front of the Military Hospital when Igor had health problems, how many secrets do I have said about the Macedonian singers because I was very curious. He always had a joke to tell you and a story from his arsenal… I love you my maestro and you should be in the alley of giants without a word !!! "

On his profile, President Stevo Pendarovski also expressed his condolences with an emotional message:

"Maestro Aleksandar Dzambazov permanently indebted the Macedonian music art and culture.
Author of classical, choral, film, theater, children and pop music. A great composer and top conductor, who was adorned with a cheerful and noble spirit.
Eternal memory and may he rest in peace. "


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Pop diva Kaliopi sent him with the following words:

"My uncle Aco…
Thank you so much for the life I had as your musical father ј Travel peacefully to infinity…
Your Opi loves you "


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Words of sadness and great respect were shared by Pere from Knockout, Maja Vukicevic, journalist Ana Zafirova and many portals, media and Facebook pages that are fans of Macedonian lasting values.


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Rest in peace and eternal glory to you, Maestro!

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