PHOTO | The luxurious Orient Express train will finally connect Paris and Portofino

Photo: Instagram/ Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

When it is mentioned Orient Express, first associations are Agatha Christie, luxury, glamour, travel from Paris to Istanbul. Meanwhile, other cities have appeared on the list of destinations, and some have been cancelled, as was the case with London recently. Now a new line is being announced, to one of the most popular Italian resorts, it says "B92".

From June, as part of the "Venice Simplon - Orient-Express" brand, a line will be introduced that will connect Paris with Portofino, a modern destination on the Ligurian Sea, near Genoa.

This line was announced after the line connecting London to the usual Venice – Paris was canceled in November last year. This trip is organized by "Belmont" company.

Photo: Instagram/ Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

As announced, the 11-car train will leave Paris at 15pm and then travel across France, passing through Dijon, Lyon and Avignon, and along the Cote d'Azur before entering Italy. The journey ends at Santa Margherita Ligure station, which is at the entrance to Portofino, where the train arrives at 13pm the following day.

From there, guests will be transferred to Portofino and spend the next two nights at the famous Hotel Splendido, located in a 16th-century monastery above Portofino harbor. A day later, an outdoor film screening will be held for them in "Piaceta" square.

Photo: Instagram/ Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The meals on the train will be prepared by the cook Jean Imbert, with an all-night swing orchestra concert, to keep everything in tune with some old times. Eight new apartments, decorated last year, will be available to the guests. Also, Imbert will personally prepare a five-course dinner for passengers at the Splendido Hotel.

This is the first time this train has visited the Italian Riviera, but it will not be the last, as the plan is to repeat this route every year, with dates for 2025 not yet confirmed.

Also, tickets can only be purchased for one way. Those wishing to return to Paris by train will have to settle for a regular train via Genoa and Milan, then the superfast Frecciarossa to Paris.

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