PHOTO | People post photos: In the Russian "McDonald's" they are served moldy burgers

Russian McDonald's, "Delicious and point" / Photo by Evgeny Odinokov / Sputnik / Profimedia

The Russian rebranded restaurants of McDonald's have been caught serving moldy burgers to diners after the chain left the country due to an invasion of Ukraine.

The McDonald's Corporation has completely abandoned it Russia earlier this year, selling all the restaurants it owned to a local licensee in May. Under the new name "Tasty and Dot", or "Delicious and that's it", 50 restaurants in and around Moscow reopened in June.

But customers have complained of mold on the buns of their burgers at several stores, he said Ksenia Sobchak, a popular TV personality and the most prominent politician in the Russian opposition.

Separately, "insect legs" have also been found in Russian hamburgers.

"Vusno i Tochka sells moldy hamburgers," Sobchak posted on her Telegram channel, adding, "It seems they don't quite follow McDonald's standards, at least in terms of product quality control. Today there have been at least three cases of burgers with moldy buns sold to customers."

Others complained that the cheeseburgers had very little meat and that some of the sauces had expired.

A spokeswoman for the chain told Newsweek that they had contacted the manufacturer for further clarification and stressed that "product quality and safety is their top priority."

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