PHOTO | The love for the Macedonian language brought Sila from Turkey and Mikolaj from Poland together

Sila Ekin from Turkey and Mikolaj Zaragi from Poland / Photo: Facebook/International Seminar on Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture

The international seminar on Macedonian language, literature and culture at UKIM has traditionally been a gathering place for all lovers of the Macedonian language and culture since 1967.

So far, 55 summer and three winter schools have been held, attended by more than 4000 participants from over 60 countries, including prominent Macedonian scholars, professors of Macedonian language and literature at foreign universities, Slavists, researchers and students studying the Macedonian language.

Silla Ekin from Turkey and Mikolaj Zaragi from Poland were part of the seminarians who participated in the 55th Summer School of the International Seminar on Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture at UKIM. It was there, by Lake Ohrid, that the love story of these two young linguists, who were united by their love for the Macedonian language, began.

As MSMJLK shared, five months later – they said the fateful "yes".

"Those two felt and realized that for them, the Macedonian language is the language of love." And here, by Lake Ohrid, in the Macedonian language, they said to each other: 'I love you'.

Five months later, even the Third Winter School of MSMJLK at UKIM lasted, they promised each other the eternity of their love.

Dear Sila and Mikolaj, we wish that your love for each other and happiness in your life together will flare up every day. And together with them, your shared love for the Macedonian language and Macedonian culture, for which your paths crossed here, in the heart of the Balkans, and your hearts began to beat fast - Sila's heart for Mikolaj, and Mikolaj's heart for Sila, in the rhythm of the Macedonian 7/8 beat.

We are waiting for you, again, but this time to come together to the shore of Lake Ohrid, where you first shook hands and stepped together on the road.

Your story is (also) a beautiful Macedonian story. Tell it in the Macedonian language", say MSMJLK.

It is definitely nice to love in the Macedonian language.

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