PHOTO: Kuzmanovski in the team on the circuit in the Bundesliga

Filip Kuzmanovski shows great games in the Hanover-Burgdorf jersey / Photo:

On Sunday the team of Hanover-Burgdorf lost at home with 26:31 from Flensburg within the highest quality German league in a backward match of 12 rounds.

It was the 18th defeat of Hanover-Burgdorf for the current 14th place with 21 points won.

Earlier in the 29th round Filip Kuzmanovski scored six goals in Hannover-Burgdorf's away win against Melsungen.

Thanks to this great game, the Macedonian national team member found himself in the team on the circuit in The Bundesliga.

The team on the circuit also includes V. Buchner (Hannover-Burgdorf), K. Meller (Flensburg), N. Ekberg (Kiel), J. Kolbacher (Rhein Neckar-Leven), H. Reinkind (Kiel) and J. Schoch (Balingen).

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