PHOTO | She bought a coat and found a creepy message in the pocket: "Deceased owner will haunt you"

Photo: Facebook/ Scott Murray

Thrift stores can be a real treasure trove, but used clothing sometimes hides amazing secrets. Such is the case of an American woman named JoAnn, who made a terrible discovery after buying a coat in a local store, writes "Daily Mail."".

Namely, she discovered a creepy message from the deceased owner in the pocket of her red coat, which read "Bury me in this red coat."

Photo: Facebook/ Scott Murray

The story of this creepy message, along with photos of the new owner, soon spread across social media. Since the coat was found at a thrift store, it seems the previous owner didn't get her wish, and people started commenting on the Facebook post.

Photo: Facebook/ Scott Murray

"Someone didn't get their last wish.", "This is really sad.", "Be careful." The late owner might come after you because of her coat.", "This really saddens me. Her one humble wish was not respected.", "I hope she is buried in something nice.", were some of the comments.


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