PHOTO | Creation with a symbolic message written in Glagolitic: Lidija Georgieva dressed the First Lady for the Pope's visit

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A black formal suit with long sleeves according to the strict protocols and a veil with which the head is covered and on which the sentence "Doesn't the sun warm us all" was written in Glagolitic was the choice of the First Lady Elizabeta Gjorgievska.

Together with President Stevo Pendarovski, she traveled to Rome on the occasion of the commemoration of Saints Cyril and Methodius, during her official visit to the Vatican, to an audience with Pope Francis.

The elegant costume with a symbolic message is a creation of the prominent Macedonian designer, Lidija Georgieva, who continuously collaborates with Gjorgievska for special occasions.

"The costume is enriched with stylized embroidery inspired by the ornamentation of the Old Slavic manuscripts, more precisely an element of Psalter with a sequence, which dates from the 16th century. Striving to continue the tradition in combination with modern design, the ultimate aesthetics and spiritual peace radiated by the chosen element, together with the complexity of the design of the motif, mean a creative challenge, but also a great respect for the cultural heritage.

In support of local production, we again worked with domestic contractors, and computer technology was used to make this embroidery.

Of special importance is the symbolism inserted in the embroidery of the veil, which contains the sentence "Does not the sun warm us all", written in Glagolitic. This is a reference to the event in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, where in the ninth century Pope Adrian II blessed the alphabet and books written by the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius.

"Man, tell us how you created the books for the Slavs and learn from them, which no one has ever invented, neither the apostles nor the pope of Rome?" And we know only three languages ​​in which it is worthy to glorify God in the books - Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. " Cyril replied: "Does not God send rain equally for all? And does not the sun shine for all? "Aren't we all breathing the same air?" stands in Georgieva's detailed description of "Independent".


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