PHOTO | What is his next step? Baby Lasagna revealed what he is doing after Eurovision

Baby Lasagna / Photo: Printscreen/Youtube

Baby Lasagna won the second place at Eurovision, where he performed with the song "Rim Tim Tagi Dim", and in a short time won over the audience throughout the region.

The singer continues with his musical engagements, he has now revealed to his followers on social networks what his next step is after the spectacle in Malmo, Sweden.

Baby Lasagna actually posted a photo from the music studio. On it, he tagged Matej Zec, the member of "Let 3", who also works as a music producer, so the followers concluded that he "threw himself" into creating new music.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

By the way, Baby Lasagna sold out three concerts in Zagreb's "Shalata" stadium in record time. His song even made it into the top 50 most played songs on Spotify in the world.

To remind, after returning to Croatia from Eurovision, he was welcomed by thousands of people. The Croatian government awarded him 50.000 euros as a reward for his huge success and promotion of Croatia at Eurovision, but Baby Lasagna gave up the award and diverted it to charity.

What do you think of Eurovision: Baby lasagna got the Swedes interested in vacationing in Croatia!

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