PHOTO | Kim Kardashian copied Lepa Brenna, here's how the singer reacted to it

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The famous starlet and reality star Kim Kardashian posted photos of her being "spit on" Beautiful Brena.

Kim Kardashian has announced a new line of eighties-style swimwear, and in the latest video and series of photos, she looks almost identical to Lepa Brenna 40 years ago.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The famous starlet has exclusively announced a series of her new swimsuits in the spirit of the eighties, with identical styling that Brenna wore 40 years ago.


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Namely, Kim posed in bathing suits, and because of the blonde wig and makeup, many Balkan people reminded Lepa Brena from the seventies of the last century.

These retro models are extremely reminiscent of those worn by Lepa Brena at the beginning of her career, especially from the time when the singer was in the group "Slatki Greh" or in the music video for the song "Mile voli disco".

Also, Kim wears blue eye shadow, like Brenna in the eighties.

The collection is called SKIMS Metallic Swim and should be on sale from July 6th.

Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

"Very interesting. It's hard to be original these days. Whatever is emerging has already been seen, whether it is fashion, showbiz characters… What was created from the 60s to the 90s are epochal things. Only technology can still surprise us, everything else has already been seen, but I'm glad that Kim still knows what's good," Lepa Brena told Serbian media.

Lepa Brena honestly: No marriage is ideal, so it was not mine either. We still live in the Balkans…

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