PHOTO | Kate Hudson posed topless: Everyone is talking about her brother's reaction

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver / Photo: Printscreen/Instagram/EPA-EFE

The Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is one of the few who does not post nude photos, so her latest post surprised and shocked many, especially her older brother Oliver.

"The sun is out," is the description of the latest photo of the actress Kate Hudson, which appeared on the Internet and quickly gathered numerous likes, surprising many.

Namely, in the photo, the famous 43-year-old actress is posing topless, her chest is covered by her long blonde hair, and she is holding a glass in her hand. Kate has a lot to brag about, so her morning edition was met with praise.


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Post by Kate Hudson (@katehudson)

This kind of thing is not unusual for many famous ladies, but we are not used to such moves from the famous Hollywood beauty.

While the move delighted her many fans and co-workers, it also quite shocked Hudson's older brother, Oliver.

His reaction consisted of a comment under the photo – "no", and that says it all. By the way, 45-year-old Oliver and Kate, who is two years younger, are extremely close, and together they go through numerous life situations. They usually spend their annual vacations together with their children.

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