PHOTO: A truck fell in Vardar near Zelenikovo, the bridge is dangerous for movement

Photo: CMC

The crisis management center informs that around 18:XNUMX this afternoon, a cargo vehicle, moving on the local road between the Skopje villages of Zelenikovo and Taor, lost control, broke through the fence and fell into the Vardar river.

Photo: CMC

The mayor of the Municipality of Zelenikovo, Kosta Manevski, with his colleagues immediately went to the field and made appropriate markings on the damaged bridge, which represents a potential danger for vehicles and pedestrians moving along it.

"The Public Enterprise for the maintenance of the main and regional road routes has been notified, in order to take measures and activities within their jurisdiction. It was pointed out to them that it is necessary to urgently go to the place in order to set up appropriate markings and signaling, and to repair the damaged fence as soon as possible, so that there are no unwanted consequences. It is done. The team of the PE for the maintenance of the main and regional road routes is currently in the field, conducting an inspection and acting according to its competences. Otherwise, for the time being, according to the information from the field, there are no victims in the incident," said the CMC.

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