PHOTO | Baka Prase's YouTube channel has been deleted

Photo: Instagram, Baka Prase

The YouTube channel of Bogdan Ilic, known as Grandma Pig, has been officially deleted from the platform. His father, the priest Nenad Ilic, learned about it from the media.

"I still haven't heard from Bogdan. I read the news, but I don't know what's going on. I have to see, think and talk with him, and then I will express my opinion on this. At the moment, I have no comment," said Nenad Ilic for "Nova".

Bogdan Ilic announced several posts on the Instagram social network, in which he briefly explained the reason why his YouTube channel was deleted.

"Farewell to Bucka Pig's Channel"

Photo: Screenshot, Instagram

"I received three copyright notices. My channel has been deleted. I got submissions on the videos where I was a guest on Pink TV four, five years ago. It cannot be lower than this," shared Ilic.

Photo: Screenshot, Instagram

As a reminder, his YouTube channel has been deleted amid a conflict with the owner of Pink TV, Zeljko Mitrovic. The young YouTuber announced that he will release a documentary about Mitrovic on October 1 of this year.

Also, the Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia recently requested the deletion of its YouTube channel.

"The Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia is appalled by the online violence promoted by Bogdan Ilić and will launch a petition to delete his YouTube channel. We call on the public to support us with their signature," their statement read.

Over the years, Bogdan Ilic was involved in numerous scandals. Among other things, at the end of last year, he was accused of being one of the culprits the death of the young influencer Kristina Djukic Kika.

Before his channel was deleted, he had more than two million subscribers on YouTube.

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