PHOTO AND VIDEO: The police are already heavily securing the grave of Gotse Delchev

Police in front of the church of St. Spas / Photo Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

For two days now, policemen have been securing the "Sveti Spas" church, in whose yard is the grave of the Macedonian great Gotse Delchev, with the intention of preventing the citizens from self-organized gathering for a "guard" on Saturday, February 4.

The Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski yesterday he called on the citizens not to fall for calls on Alexander Pandov from VMRO-DPMNE for guarding the grave of the Macedonian revolutionary, stressing that it is strictly the job of the police and no one will be allowed to be above the state. The celebration of the 151st anniversary of the birth of Delchev will be attended by the entire state leadership with the president Stevo Pendarovski and the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, and so far no official guests have been announced from the top of the state of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian citizens organized by the foundation "Macedonia" headed by the radical Viktor Stojanov, who, in turn, announced yesterday that the Macedonian police will be waiting for them at the border and will secure them during their short stay in Macedonia.

- The government of RS Macedonia invites you to the state solemn event and commemoration on the occasion of the birth of the great Macedonian revolutionary work and statehood, Gotse Delchev, on Saturday in the church of St. Spas-Skopje. In honor of the 151st anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev, fresh flowers will be laid on the eternal resting place by the President Stevo Pendarovski, a government delegation led by the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, accompanied by the first deputy of the Prime Minister in charge of coordination of political issues of the portfolios Artan Grubi , the Minister of Defense, Slavjanka Petrovska, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, and the Minister of Culture, Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska - says the invitation from the Government to the media for accreditation to follow the event.

Police in front of the church of St. Spas / Photo Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

The organizer of Bulgarian citizens Stojanov invited those interested to come to Skopje to honor Delchev.
- There will not be and will not be allowed barricades, blockades or provocations! We are in contact with the police in Skopje and they, together with the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, will take care of the order and peaceful course of the celebration! We have organized car transport from Sofia. At the border, the police of North Macedonia will meet us and will ensure the movement to Gotse's grave and back. At 11.30:XNUMX am, our friends from Skopje and Bulgarians from all over North Macedonia will come to the parking lot near Kale, although there will not be many of them due to fear of attacks. We thank the Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Macedonia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of our homeland for ensuring order and that together we will honor Gotse in the spirit of understanding and friendship, as it will be in the future! Come and honor Gotse at his grave in Skopje - called Stojanov.

A few days ago, however, he advised those interested on Facebook to peacefully gather at Kale and pay respect to Delchev in a group, without provoking or succumbing to provocations, and in the comments under his post there were advices "no one should shout that Macedonia is Bulgarian."

Two weeks ago, Stojanov called on those interested to go to Skopje and pay respect to the "Bulgarian revolutionary Gotse Delchev", which caused reactions among Macedonian citizens who began to organize with the intention of preventing "someone from celebrating Delchev as a Bulgarian". There were calls to block the roads from Bulgaria to Skopje, as well as to organize a "night watch" in the church "Sveti Spas" as early as Friday afternoon from February 3.

Because of these tensions, the Security Council last Monday declared the commemoration as an event of high security risk and recommended that all legal measures be taken to ensure a peaceful and authentic celebration of Delchev's birthday. Among other things, he recommended that certain persons be banned from entering Macedonia, including Viktor Stojanov and MEP Angel Dzambaski, who three weeks ago provoked the commemoration of Mara Buneva in the middle of Skopje by declaring that Macedonia is Bulgarian. Minister Spasovski has stated several times that the police will make a decision at the border on the day of banning someone from entering the country.

Today, the Bulgarian police also offered to help, i.e. the Chief Commissioner of the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior, Stanimir Stanev, said that Bulgaria can provide police assistance if there is such a request from the Macedonian Ministry of Interior.

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