PHOTO | A hotel in Ibiza offers a room where you can sleep for free, but there is a catch

Photo: Instagram

A hotel on Ibiza decided on an interesting marketing move, so that it offers guests a room in which they can sleep for free. However, the catch is that the walls of the room are glass, so all the other guests can see you.

The apartment is called Zero Suite, and is located in a rather "busy" lobby of the hotel, through which all the guests who come to this hotel pass. This room is definitely not for light sleepers, nor is it suitable for, as the hotel put it, "easily embarrassed".

The possibilities are endless if you "want to be the center of attention"

The hotel's website says the room offers one free night and is available for "art performances, radio shows, DJ sets." The hotel added that the possibilities are endless, as long as "you want to be the center of attention."

The TikToker Olympia Enley decided to try the Zero Suite, and shared with her followers the perspective of the guests from this room. She wrote that she "made a lot of friends" that night.

Annley told Newsweek: "I was inspired to stay because I saw it on TikTok and thought it was a really cool concept."

@olympiaanley i've made a lot of friends tonight #ibiza #paradiso #art ♬ Lights – Em1r

Her followers, however, were divided in their opinions about this unusual room. Some admitted it would be their "worst nightmare", while others revealed they would stay there "without hesitation", while still others wondered "why such a room even exists".

The hotel was built in 2018 and at the same time the unusual room - called Zero Suite - was installed.


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