PHOTO: A big fire in the offices of the pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk in Denmark

Big fire at the Novo Nordisk factory in Denmark/Photo: EPA-EFE/JOKUM TORD LARSEN DENMARK OUT

A large-scale fire has engulfed the offices of Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk on the outskirts of Copenhagen, the fire service said.

"It's a huge fire." We deployed about 100 firefighters," said Chief Operating Officer Martin Smith, explaining that the building was evacuated.

Novo Nordisk's global headquarters in Bagsvaerd, Denmark, has been hit by fire as emergency services battle to bring the blaze under control.

The fire started outside and later spread to the offices.

The fire broke out in a container at the construction site in Novo Nordisk and spread to the roof of the office building of the neighboring company.

The smoke is visible from a distance of 30 kilometers.

Today's fire comes less than a week after a May 16 fire at another site at Novo Nordisk in Kalundborg, which did not affect the company's production.

Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk is the maker of Ozempik, a drug used to treat diabetes, but it has recently attracted particular attention as celebrities, tech moguls and TikTok influencers have described taking it to lose significant weight in a short amount of time.

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