PHOTO | 'Watching this movie made me love Jews again': Kanye West is back on Instagram

Kanye West
Photo: Profimedia

Kanye West made his first Instagram post after a long hiatus. The American rapper released a poster for the movie "Macho and Nerd" (2012). According to him, after watching it, "he fell in love with Jews again."

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

Ye released a poster for the movie Macho and Nerd (2012). According to him, after watching it, "he fell in love with Jews again."

"Watching John Hill in 21 Jump Street made me fall in love with Jews again. No one should turn anger towards one or two people into hatred towards millions of innocent people. "No Christian can be called anti-Semitic, considering that Jesus is Jewish," the rapper wrote.

The rapper separately thanked lead actor John Hill.


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