PHOTO | Crossed the line: Prada sells ripped, dirty underpants for $650

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

With each new piece the fashion house Balenciaga surprises fashion lovers, but now "Prada" went a step further and overshadowed Balenciaga's creations like the "priest suit" that Justin Bieber walked in, the slippers that look like children played with plasticine, then glued a high heel, the bags that look identical to a plastic bag from supermarket…

Prada's winter collection on the list of new creations include men's underpants, which will sell for $650.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

But if you thought that the price was the main "problem", you are wrong.

The model looks like you borrowed some worn, torn, dirty men's underpants.

The model comes in two colors - completely white and gray, and it is not known which combination is worse.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Although, as always, these panties will find their customers, and we are left to wonder - what will appear next on the fashion scene.

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