PHOTO | German fairy tale by Liljana from Ohrid: Trendafils remind me of Ohrid Park where I spent my childhood

Photo: Private archive

It is nice when we find Macedonians in all parts of the world, united by the love of the country and the flowers. Today we are talking to Liljana Spiroska, a woman from Ohrid who has been living in Lipetal, Germany for 30 years.

Photo - Private archive

Liljana has a sweet profession - confectioner, and her hobbies are painting and her yard. Flowers grown for more than 15 years.

Fascinating is the yard of Liljana, spread over an incredible 1.500 square meters, with a lawn and a variety of flowers and ornamental trees.

- I cherish anchovies, roses, petunias and many other flowers, says our flower lady.

She is responsible for the garden.

- I inherited my love for flowers from my mother. Of course, you need to have time and a lot of love, it takes a few hours a day to dedicate to the garden, explains the woman from Ohrid in Germany.

Liljana's favorite are the roses that she says remind her of the Ohrid Park where she spent her childhood. She also loves anchovies that adorn her entire house from spring to autumn.

"Since autumn, my yard has been decorated with Mitrovden flowers," Lile is proud. 

Here is her advice for those who want to start caring for flowers and plants…

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